Achieving Positive Changes – Our Approach

Inclusion has a unique approach to alcohol and drug treatment, and this underpins the interventions and model used for treatment across Inclusion Recovery Hampshire (IRH).

IRH approach has 3 phases-Preparation, Pharmacological and Recovery. To start this process the 1st and most important thing to do is to assess detox readiness, and we are able to do this by using the Outcomes Star. The Outcomes Star is underpinned by an explicit ‘Journey of Change’, that identifies 5 different stages of change. This is an excellent tool for identifying attitudes and behaviours towards substance of choice and promotes collaborative working and joint recovery planning. This gives us an idea, about what interventions and treatment is most appropriate for the service user at the stage they are at. There are 3 main options for clinical treatment which include;

  1. Structured Time Limited Detox – this is completed in 13 weeks.
  2. Time Limited Reduction – the aim is to be substance-free within 12 weeks-6 months.
  3. Early Intervention & Prevention – the aim is to be substance-free within 18months-24 months. You would be in this stage no longer than 12 months, after which you would move to Stage 2.

Additional interventions are available at all levels, but from experience service user’s presenting at stage 3 need more intensive support in order to address years of substance use/treatment services, and habits and cultures that accompany that. During treatment its critical we offer and engage our service user’s in interventions such as

  • Health checks
  • IAPT-Light interventions – completion of anxiety assessments and small structured bite-size CBT sessions
  • Address poly drug use
  • Stabilise mental health and physical health
  • Public Health England (PHE) Wellbeing and Health Promotion
  • Psychosocial interventions including recovery planning, structured one-to-one sessions, motivational interviewing, 1 session workshops, structured day group work programmes such as Inclusion Recovery Programme (IRP) etc.
  • Mutual aid options (NA, AA, SMART Recovery, ARC)

If you would like to find out more about what is on offer please see the individual pages for the Inclusion Recovery Hampshire Hubs…