Recovery Celebration

April 2017

This article was written by Anna-Marie, service user

Service users, volunteers and staff from around Inclusion Recovery Hampshire came together and had great fun!
There was music with 3 DJ’s, a sax player, Indian curry made by volunteer Arvy and sport activities;
basketball, rounders and footie with Aaron from the Saints Foundation.
The was also a raffle and a rubber duck race in the river!
Special thank you to Donna and Joleyne for helping to organise a great event at the last moment.
Thanks Andy for driving the minibus and to everyone else who helped make it such a great afternoon!

I attended the ‘Fun-Day’ with Inclusion in Eastleigh and what a fun-day it was!
I certainly learned something new on the day, how to/or sort of play rounders.

We played footie, men, women and children, all the ‘ladies’ together. ‘Playing our little/big hearts out.
Beforehand, I must add we did start off the day with a hearty curry that you could taste the love in, that’s for sure, it was superb and non-alcoholic beverages were provided as well.
There was a DJ banging out the tunes in the hall as everyone mingled, accompanied by a live sax player, top geezers.

As I said, after lunch the games took place in the adjoining playing fields, the basketball even ‘got a look in’. Many a laugh and puffs of exertion along with a dollop of competitiveness were thrown in for good measure and of course, balance. When the games had worn us all out, we re-convened in the hall for the raffle, with one or two tables managing to win most of the many lovely gifts available for anybody with tickets, some were shared and I even got a couple. After that was the rubber duck race in the stream/river opposite the hall. It was funny watching the chap trying to catch all the escaping floaters, duck that is! I wanted to enjoy the helium balloons back in the hall however I was soon reminded that this could be deemed as substance misuse and was quickly stopped on my first (oops!).

The balloons were intended for the children present to write a wish on and let loose later in the day, and not for me to impersonate Minnie Mouse, lol.

We were taken to and from the event in style and comfort and I think it’s fair to say, a good day was had by all. Hopefully, we will see more of you next year, long live recovery and happier times for us all in the coming months/years.

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to all involved and chow for now