Recovery Volunteers

Inclusion Recovery Hampshire (IRH) has a clear pathway with 3 different levels of volunteers including recovery champions. Some people like to progress and continue to add to their skills and some find they enjoy their role, it suits them and they are good at it.

Volunteering for inclusion has helped me grow in confidence. I find the role I do very rewarding. Helping people overcome their own personal challenges when in recovery and I get a great feeling seeing people change from surviving to thriving and getting their life back.

We are committed to support, train and develop anyone that volunteers in any of the roles we have.

There are three roles within the scheme; these are Recovery Supporters, Recovery Mentors, and Volunteer Recovery Workers.
The initial model which will be continually evaluated and enhanced through regular consultation means that everyone will start as a Recovery Supporter. This allows people to decide if the scheme is for them without a massive commitment and benefit from all levels of training. Full supervision, support and on-going training is an essential competent of the scheme and there will be three Volunteer Coordinators to oversee this. Volunteers that have not used services are subject to the same time limits in each role. All roles are subject to cleared criminal record check (DBS) and any necessary Risk Assessments.

My world has opened up and the more I volunteer the more it expands. I am a very grateful recovering addict who has a second chance through the volunteer programme to do something useful with my life.

Once mentors have been in recovery for at least 6 months they can apply for Volunteer Recovery Worker vacancies. Every year we plan to have at least two recruitment drives for Volunteer Recovery Workers.

If you would like more information about volunteering with us please contact: