P2P Hepatitis C Project

Inclusion Recovery Hampshire (IRH) has an excellent peer mentoring initiative known as P2P (peer-to-peer) Hepatitis C Mentoring Project.

This P2P project has once again been recognised and celebrated in the Quality in Care programme Hepatitis C awards for Best Patient Support Programme 2015.

P2P Hepatitis C Mentoring has been running in partnership with The Hepatitis C Trust since 2012. After extensive training and with regular supervision, mentors deliver talks and presentations to peers and professionals with the aim of increasing awareness and testing for hepatitis C, interspersing volunteers’ own life experiences with key messages, risk factors and treatment options. We offer ongoing support to service users in relation to Hepatitis C through taking a holistic approach and are on hand in the hubs for 1:1 or group sessions around blood borne viruses.

To date the P2P team have carried out 11 testing events where those identified at risk of hepatitis C were offered an oral swab test to check for antibodies. To date 53 people have been diagnosed and 21 are being currently actively supported. We also encourage all participants to be immunised against hepatitis B.

Quality in Care (QiC) Hepatitis C recognises, rewards and shares good practice in Hepatitis C prevention, diagnosis & testing, treatment pathways and patient support throughout the UK.The programme has the endorsement, support and active participation of a number of key stakeholders.

Gaining QiC recognition means an initiative has been highlighted by the NHS, patients and industry as improving patient outcomes and standards of care in hepatitis C.

Across all categories judges are looking for projects that have improved patient outcomes and standards of care in hepatitis C.

Entries should:

  • Demonstrate results showing quality
  • Demonstrate results showing efficiency benefits
  • Be scalable across organisations
  • Show evidence of external review of the initiative
  • Show evidence of support from users of the service
  • Demonstrate patient/user involvement in the design of the project
  • Demonstrate sustainability and transferability to other service areas.

P2P were given their award at a glitzy event on 1st October 2015 and

Babita Sharma from BBC World News gave this feedback from the Judges:

“The mentoring programme was extremely strong and the video of Colin should be on national TV to raise awareness of the disease and treatment available. Very impactful.”

Louise Hansford P2P coordinator says
“I’m ecstatic that we have won an award for the second year running and I’m very proud to coordinate this amazing project. The P2P team have persevered through difficult circumstances with the service transition and the fact that they have still managed to achieve an award is testament to their passion and commitment to helping those at risk or with hepatitis C”

Over the next year P2P will be working with The British Liver Trust and The Hepatitis C Trust to further improve outcomes for service users for both Hepatitis B and C.

If you or anyone you know has experience of living with Hep C and would like to get involved in this exciting project please ask them to get in touch with Louise Hansford on 07966899327.