Catriona – Volunteer Recovery Worker

This is Catriona – a Volunteer Recovery Worker, and here are some comments from her, on a how she finds the role;

I am an Acupuncturist and Naturopath and I love helping people to take care of themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and want each one to know how amazing they are and how much potential they have.

I’ve been blessed on my own journey in life to have support when I’ve needed it and to have people reflect back to me what I’ve needed to know and see to help me thrive, and to support me through many challenges in my own life.

I enjoy so much sharing my Acupuncture skills and having a chance to share the Journey of the clients who use the service. It is very nourishing spending time with such open, honest and courageous people.

Catriona has worked with lot’s of service user’s since being in this role and here are some of their comments and feedback;

Trevor says “Catriona’s acupuncture group has been an important part of my recovery journey, she is amazing and because of her nurturing I have attended the session weekly for nearly a year”

Jane says “Catriona is fabulous and it blows me away that she gives her time feely to help others, I always feel totally nourished after her sessions and would highly recommended acupuncture to anyone who is struggling with addiction.”

Service user question to Catriona “What is your understanding of confidentiality?”

For me it is all about respect. I would only share information about you – the client, if it is in the best interest of safety and wellbeing of you, the client, or another, and if I had your permission to do so.

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