I was a service user with Inclusion from 2014 to 2017 after first coming into Recovery via a Twelve Step rehab in 2011..

My first 5 years in Recovery involved multiple cycles of recovery and relapse. By combining Inclusion, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous I learnt to build strong sustainable foundations to my recovery.

In 2017 I started on the Volunteer programme with Inclusion. Throughout my 2 plus years as a volunteer the support from the staff and volunteer coordinators was excellent. The training involved mainly short one or two day workshops along with a balanced amount of working practice within the hub. I also completed my Health & Social Care NVQ.

  • I grew in confidence quickly and applied myself to as much as possible within the Hub. With regular supervision I was able to learn the skills that would allow me to sustain my Wellness at Work in an often stressful but highly rewarding work environment.

I went from someone who was often to anxious to even attend groups to being able to facilitate groups. I got the opportunity to travel monthly to Stafford to attend the national forum as a service user rep.

In 2019 I was accepted to be employed as an Engagement Worker at Inclusion Winchester. Finally in my life I have found a vocation that I truly love, I even look forward to going to work each day and the team I work with are brilliant.

I continue to maintain my own Recovery in AA and NA. My work allows me to continually develop new skills and experience visible results in the Recovery of clients. One thing that is guaranteed is it is never boring!

Find out how you can volunteer and make a difference to yours and other peoples lives

If you would like to find out more about how you can volunteer with Inclusion Recovery Hampshire like Paul, please email us at inclusionvolunteering@mpft.nhs.uk