Making some small simple steps around your alcohol use and taking some time to think around your drinking can help so use this link to find out more.

There are lots of web-based tools to help raise awareness of alcohol and self-help support to stop or cut-down.

  • Drink Coach!

    This is an online resource that will take you to a online test where you can work out you levels if drinking and automatically take you to the relevant page on our website with bespoke, personalised advice according to the risk. Are you worried that you might be drinking too much? Take the test – on average, it should take only two minutes to complete.

  • A.U.D.I.T. Form

    This is a form designed to look at your alcohol use, it has been converted into an online tool by Buckinghamshire public health team and is really easy to use. It asks some other lifestyle questions and can give you some general information and tips on improving your health and wellbeing. Visit the online tracker here.

  • Drink Aware

    This is a really informative website which has lots of different tools on there. From an online alcohol and unit calculator (to help us watch our waists) to a downloadable app which helps you keep track of your drinking to a tool that helps you compare your use with the rest of the UK.

  • One You

    The One You campaign is a really simple website to enable you to find suggestions on healthier lifestyles and choices. It also has a downloadable Days Off app giving you an easy way to track the days you drink alcohol and the days you don’t from your mobile phone. Feel healthier, lose weight and save money – simply nominate days to take off drinking and get practical, daily support to help you stick to it. This campaign also has a drinks tracker app along with other apps to help improve your health and other areas of your life. Download the app from iTunes or google play store.