Family & Carers

Inclusion Recovery Hampshire (IRH) understand that substance misuse is not just an individual issue and is something that impacts the whole family and wider community. We therefore take our work with families and carers very seriously. Across Hampshire we work tirelessly with a range of organisations supporting our families. We refer into the ‘Troubled Families Agenda’ drawing down resources to support our service user’s with troubled children. We are able to help and support individuals who need assistance in coping with these difficulties.

Just some of the ways we do this are as follows;

  • We give commitment and participation to Local Families Forums attending regular meetings to keep up to date with innovative and best practice and community resources. We will go to Early Help hubs and support with service user’s who may need encouragement to access treatment services.
  • We work in partnership with Children’s Centres and Services, having substance use professionals from Inclusion Recovery Hampshire as part of the social work teams.
  • We also utilise local grass roots services such as Young Mums Matter, Parents Support Link, and Alanon accepting and making referrals.
  • We support parents, carers, family members and significant others to break the cycle of addiction and get support for themselves. There are Carers groups and one-to-one support in all of the IRH Hubs. We respect our service user’s right to confidentiality but if it their wish is for us to involve their family member in their treatment – then we do this together. We work with our service user’s including their family members in recovery planning and detox interventions. We are aware and sensitive to the sometimes fractured relationships that often exist within families impacted by substance misuse. We are experienced in supporting our service user’s and their loved one’s with their wishes to heal and repair these moving forward through their journey.

Inclusion value collaborative working, realising that often our service user’s and their families have complex problems that may need several services to work in partnership to support them to find sustainable solutions.

We like to participate in strategic forums to influence outcomes and advocate for our client group. We will offer training to other professionals to support reduction in discrimination and engender compassion and understanding.

We have a 24hr Carers help line: 02380399764
Feedback from the Carers’ Support Group from Inclusion Recovery Basingstoke Hub;

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 6.30-8.30pm, we offer a Carers’ Support Group in the hub. This group is open to anyone who cares about a person with a substance misuse problem – currently or in the past. The focus of our group is how the carers can keep themselves well and offers them a safe environment in which they can share their problems and concerns. So many of the attendees report to feel that they are alone in the difficulties experienced in caring for a substance misuser; this group can show them that is not the case and offers them a valuable form of support.